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rosenroth - Kein schöner Land, Habibi

Not a nice country, Habibi* – How does a German folk song sound in the Orient? What happens at a rendezvous of guitar and Arabic lute – the oud? With rosenroth you can experience that old songs can be witty, charming, fluffy, virtuosic, sensual and fresh. Two singers and a guitarist turn all expectations upside down with a love to detail and provide the best entertainment with an exciting mix of both fine and high art. The trio’s programme with songs from „Wach auf, mein‘ Herzens Schöne“ to „Auf einem Baum ein Kuckuck“ is enriched by the oud player Basel Alkatrib’s own contributions. Collaborative musical arrangements unite the cultures. Rosenroth expand auditory and cultural experiences that are as different as the songs in the programme „Kein schöner Land, Habibi! The story of the artistic, cultural and personal rapprochement and exchange was recorded all the way from the rehearsals to the concerts in the documentary film „Stadt – Land – Oud“ by René Schröter.

*Habibi is Arabic for „darling“.

„rosenroth is like cinema for the ears“ Ellen Schweda – Journalist & Moderator | MDR

Rosenroth were guests at the MDR studio session on “MDR Culture” in 2018 and gave concerts primarily in churches, castles and concert halls in central and northern Germany, including Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Hundisburg Castle, Sondershausen Castle, Heidecksburg Castle and the Handel House in Halle (Saale).They regularly made guest appearances at the ‘Unerhörtes Mitteldeutschland’ festival and received invitations to the ‘Messdorfer Musikfesttage’ festival as well as to perform at the celebratory concert for the opening of the Sangerhausen Rose Festival. Rosenroth are scholarship holders from the ‘Stipendienprogramm Klassik’ of the German Federal Government and also received project funding from the ensemble programme of Neustart Kultur. A series of twelve concerts and a documentary film about their project ‘Stadt Land Oud’ were produced. In 2022, rosenroth won the ‘Volkslied 3000’ competition and were guests at the Neuköllner Oper Berlin. At the moment, the trio is working on a CD production in the studio.

Besetzung / Cast
Anna Moritz – Gesang
Inga Phillip – Gesang
Martin Steuber – Gitarre
Basel Alkatrib – Oud

Foto / Photo
Anne Hornemann


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