05.08.2024 / 19:00 Uhr

Pulsar Trio (D)

Oriental Jazz

„We smell in stereo“ is the title of the new Pulsar Trio album, on which the three musicians celebrate their magical-musical bond that has matured over many years of playing together. Like a group of sharks on a common hunt – driven by the same goal and acting perfectly together almost like a single organism – the trio explores their very own cosmos hunting the perfect musical moment.

The unique line-up of Indian sitar, piano, drums and electronics alone means that the Pulsar Trio has always walked a fine line and one is always amazed at how much new musical territory is discovered here without ever falling prey to obvious clichés.

Their fourth studio album skillfully oscillates between sparkling piano beauty, virtuoso sitar magic and playful percussion work. Pieces of effervescent instrumental ecstasy follow intimate introspections and delicate sound experiments.

The creole award winners have already been able to prove their live qualities at countless concerts. They have made guest appearances at the Leverkusen Jazz Days, Fusion Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Rudolstadt Festival, International Jazz Festival in New Delhi and the Jazz Festival in Izmir.

In January 2023 their album „We smell in Stereo“ will be released on Musszo Records. The associated tour starts afterwards.

Beate Wein: piano, synths & fx
Matyas Wolter: sitar, surbahar & fx
Aaron Christ: drums, percussion & fx


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