14.08.2023 / 19:00 Uhr

Jonas Timms „Morbu“ (Leipzig, Berlin)

Longing and sadness, cheerfulness and pleasure – all this can be found in the music of Jonas Timm and his band, who have come together with an unusual line-up on their debut album „Morbu“. The word „Morbu“ comes from Catalan and means something similar to passionate obsession – to a light-footed pleasure.

Lorenz Heigenhuber and Heinrich Köbberling play bass and drums, so far, so normal – but with band leader and pianist Jonas Timm, acoustic guitarist Bertram Burkert and accordionist Tino Derado, there are three harmony instruments in the ensemble.

The pianist got the idea for this ensemble during a study visit to Barcelona. The dance-like lightness in Morbu’s music stems from his passion for Latin American music. Dispersed in their backgrounds but united in their musical destinations, the musicians playfully travel through the cosmos of jazz and make excursions here and there into European and South American musical traditions to end up going their very own way.

Besetzung / Cast
Jonas Timm, Piano
Lorenz Heigenhuber – Bass
Heinrich Köbberling – Drums
Akustik-Gitarre – Bertram Burkert
Akkordeon – Tino Derado


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