22.08.2022 / 19:00 Uhr

Cuarteto Rotterdam - Tango Ensemble (D)

The classical formation of the quartet with bandoneón, violin, piano and double bass promises a sound experience that moves between tradition and modernity. With its creativity, imagination and experience, the small tango orchestra magically conjures up a tango world for all kinds of emotions on stage.

„The Cuarteto Rotterdam is rightly considered one of the best European tango ensembles“, „Excellent interplay“, „A star hour of tango“, „The best and most interesting tango music I have heard in a long time“, „This top-class European tango quartet inspires“ – these are just some of the enthusiastic press reactions of the past years.

Their concert activities take them from Paris, Istanbul, Zurich and Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, where they perform their music in concert halls, at tango balls and international music and tango festivals.

Michael Dolak (Deutschland) – Bandoneón
Susanne Cordula Welsch (Deutschland) – Violine/violin
Judy Ruks (Niederlande) – Piano
Facundo Di Pietro – Kontrabass/double bass


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