01.08.2022 / 19:00 Uhr

mondëna quartet - klassisch, modern & facettenreich

The mondëna quartet puts classical string instruments into a new context, breaks genre boundaries and takes its audience on a journey of sound.  The four artists from Leipzig show themselves versatile and ever-changing between diverse genres in original compositions and unusual arrangements with influences from neo-classical, folk, rock and pop. In this way, the quartet transforms opposites into a new entity.

The musicians pursued classical studies and played in various orchestras, including the MDR Symphony Orchestra, the Musikalische Komödie Leipzig and the Stegreif.orchester. In addition to solo concerts, the mondëna quartet also collaborates with exciting artists such as Felix Räuber (Polarkreis 18), the composer Sven Helbig, Diana Ezerex, Laura Liebeskind, the composer Felix Rösch, the folk rock bands Krayenzeit and Brogues, and the band featuring the actor Martin Reik.

Shir-Ran Yinon – Violine, Komposition & Arrangements/violin, compostion&arrangement
Sofia Beno – Violine/violin
Marie Schutrak – Viola
Julia Panzer – Violoncello


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