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„LELÉKA“ – (Ukrainian for stork) is a young multicultural Berlin quartet centred around the Ukrainian singer Viktoria, whose voice shapes the character and atmosphere of the band’s music. The band’s sound world, ranging from dynamic grooving passages to tender folk ballad tones, finds a fitting framework in a thoroughly contemporary jazz language, which the quartet has developed into a diversified approach. „LELÉKA“ is a successful example of a young ensemble that occupies a well-deserved place within this borderline genre, which also made the band award winners at the World Music Competition creole Berlin as well as at the European Young Jazz Award Burghausen 2018.

Current topics ranging from concern for nature to the reminder of human hubris are also part of the repertoire. At the core, however, it is all about confidence, musically, atmospherically, communicated through the power of the melodies and the personalities who dedicate themselves to them. LELÉKA thus recommends itself as a band with a sound-culture-spanning sense for the nuances of the everyday.

<strong>Press quotes</strong>

„The woman is truly a phenomenon.“ JazzThing

„A voice with an aura and a bright, soft sound full of captivating natural power. The band’s concert had very archaic and strong human messages to offer – and after the anti-war piece, the audience remained in breathless silence for 20 seconds. If music can do that, even more so in a hall for over 1,000 listeners, like the Wackerhalle in Burghausen, then there are reasons for it.“ BR Klassik

Besetzung / Cast
Viktoria Leléka (UA) – voc
Povel Widestrand (SWE) – p
Thomas Kolarczyk (DE) – b
Jakob Hegner (DE) – dr 

Special Guest: Maksym Berezhnyuk

Maksym Berezhnyuk wurde 1986 in Riwne (Ukraine) geboren und ist Absolvent der dortigen Musikhochschule sowie der Kyjiwer Universität für Kultur und Kunst in den Fächern traditionelle Blasinstrumente und Volksgesang. Bekannt ist er als Mitbegründer der Bands „The Doox“, „Kyiv Ethno trio“, „Balamuty“, für seine vielfältigen Kollaborationen mit ukrainischen Künstlern und Musikern sowie seine Soundtracks mit Volksblasinstrumenten für Spiel- und Dokumentarfilme.

Foto / Photo
Dovile Sermokas


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